We are always fundraising to directly support organisations both in the UK and internationally to champion childhood through educational programmes, play work, adult education and advocate and empower children and their families but we need your help!

We can guarantee that all fundraising and donations will go directly to benefit programmes, projects and campaigns.

Whether you do something on your own, at work, with friends, at school, at church or within your local community it is a great way to enjoy yourself and to raise money to support the vital work we do to champion childhood and improve life chances. .

Fundraising does not need to be difficult whether you are organising a coffee morning, doing a sponsored event or donating your time we are here to help.

Take a look at some of our fundraising ideas and get in touch for further support.

If you would like to make a donation today please visit:



Do you Fancy hosting A Fundraising Event?

Why not hold an event with friends, family or work colleagues or involve local community groups, nurseries and schools?

Events can be held almost anywhere and not only are they raising funds to support vital early years educational projects, they are also raising awareness about the importance of the early years for our children and the significance it will have on their life chances. 

Our team cant wait to help you make your event a sucess with support and materials for your event.

Please call Esther on 01274 601575 or email foundation@childrens-place.co.uk for the following:

  • Marketing & Publicity materials e.g.posters and leaflets, website listing.
  • Sponsorship forms.
  • Setting up your online donation account with Make a Donation.
  • A Children's Place Foundation representative to attend your event

FUNdraising Ideas!

Abseiling – scared of heights? No! Then why not get your company to fund us by doing a team abseil?

Aerobathon – organise a mass aerobics session with a donation charged to participants to enter.

Ball - have a seasonal ball and sell tickets in advance to friends and family.

BBQ – perfect for summer! Host in your garden and ask for support. Everyone could bring a themed dish and a donation?

Bike Ride – one for the family? Yorkshire has some great cycle routes for you to collect sponsorship for, whist enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Car Wash – a day spent washing other people’s cars for cash! Win win for everyone.

Come Dine for Charity– hasn't everyone always fancied this? Put your culinary skills to the test. You and your friends could all donate 'winnings' and put into a pot. If you win - donate to us!

Easter Egg Hunt – one for the children or your nursery/school? Parents could agree to donate a sum for each egg found!

Fancy Dress – host a party, or a fancy dress non-uniform day at work. Ask for donations and have prizes for best and worst!

Goodies Sale - cakes, buns, biscuits or homemade jams, chesses, breads! Goodies come in all shapes and sizes, and a great way to raise some pennies for a good cause.

Karaoke - guaranteed to get the giggles going. Invite your friend and family to lose their inhibitions and get on the mic. Try 'quid's in' per song and sit back and enjoy the show.

Your Marathon - Whether that be a the full 26.2 miles the 13.1 half or if your marathon is 10k or 5k. Don those running shoes and get your friends and family to sponsor your impressive effort.

Parachute Jump - adrenaline junkie? If your friends and family aren't impressed by this one we'll be surprised. Take the leap of faith for us.

Quiz Night – at the pub or in school. Each team pays to enter and you get a prize donated for the winners.

Raffle - Simple and very effective. Ask your local community to donate prizes and sell tickets. Who will be the lucky few?

Treks – Matchu Pitchu, Kilimanjaro or stay closer to home with the Three Peaks Challenge. Sign up for the experience of a lifetime and trek somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.